Best hardwood flooring options by room

Living room

Oak and maple are the best floorings for a living room since it has less color variation. Wider widths look modern and consistent when oak and marble are used as flooring.


It would help if you opted for any flooring type that is easy to clean, comfortable, and resistant to scratches. Oak and Brazilian Cherry can be a good option.


Engineered flooring is best for the basement, and this is because most solid planks can’t fit the space.


Engineered white oak is the best flooring for your bathroom. This type of flooring can handle moisture without causing any damage, especially as it gets old.

You should always know the type of flooring that suits your home. If you have pets go for a durable floor and want that doesn’t show scratches.

Every part of your house should has a specific type of flooring that best suits it. Know what is needed before you purchase any kind of flooring.