Best flooring options

Engineered wood flooring

This flooring looks like solid wood but is made differently. It is cheap and powerful. Engineered wood comes in a wide variety of patterns, board widths, and wood types.


Adds value to your home


Has excellent resistance to temperature

Very stylish


Fades easily

Requires high maintenance level

Weak and doesn’t last longer

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood has been the most popular type of flooring; its construction is simple as you can use wooden boards and blanks.


They are durable

Cleaning is simple as you can sweep

Buyers can pay a top dollar for homes with hardwood flooring

They sell faster than homes with carpeting floors

It works with all styles big decorations from traditional to modern


They are costly

Installation is difficult

Labor costs vary

Scratched and scuffed floors need refinishing

Prone to showing the damage

It can be noisy when walking across it